Re: [Harp-L] Brand Loyalty (was Magic Dick Tunings)

I read somewhere that during the height of his career that Gretsch was
selling 17,000 Chet Atkin model guitars a year. I don't think harmonica players are
like that. I think they keep on buying what they're already playing. If it's
Lee Oskars. If Special 20s. If it's Marine Bands, that's it -- no Marine Band
Deluxe for them!

I know I'm sure like that. I played good ol' Huang Star Performers for about 15 years until I lost my D last summer. Luckily there was a discussion going here about the Suzuki Fire Breath, or I might never have found a harp I liked so much. I doubt I would have bought one if I hadn't needed it. That is, my harps tend to last forever and I'm stunningly cheap.


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