[Harp-L] re:Magic Dick Tunings

Hi Ryan,
These patented tunings from Magic Dick and Pierre G.T Beaureguard IV
can be built in several ways, and typical "position play" is different than standard Richter tuning. Due to limitations having to do with slot sizes and reeds, there can be several approaches to each model and key.
These are labeled according to where the tonic note of the home key
sits in relation to the home chord. Therefore, there are 1,2,3, and 4 Draw configurations for many models, and some have to be one or the other- some can be built in more than one configuration.
Many of these tunings are useful in more than one key, but a more accurate way to look at these is modal, because the tonic note might sit
in various places.
I recall that Dick may use more than one tuning on the cut in question,
but I think that he uses a Big Band in F, possibly in 2-draw configuration.
I hope this helps,
James Gordon
Gordon Harmonicas

Ryan asks:
I pulled out "Bluestime" for the first time in a while and tonight on a whim I decided to try making one of Magic dick's tunings, the Big Band in particular.
The archives were pretty scant on the subject when the two Bluestime records came out in 94ish and 96. So...
What tunes does Dick use his special tunings?
What keys?
And what positions are they usually played in?

The notes to both CDs give a little info but no definitive answers.

I made a Big Band with a C harp even though I didn't think it is used on any of the Bluestime CDs. I just had it laying around so that's the one I picked. And I thought second position would be the most common for these altered tunings but with the Big Band at least it's played in third, I think? So is a Big Band in C played in 3rd position (D) what Dick uses on "Full Court Press"?


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