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Before this debate gets out of control, the whole point is that the handbook is not about Free Jazz--it's a free copy of a jazz handbook, which Garry already pointed out. I have no idea if Jazmaan was just being funny or really thought it was a handbook on free jazz, but Garry and Roger were saying that plenty of jazz musicians have learned through books and academics and Jazmaan is the only one referring to free jazz. It's just some advice on improvising, scales, practice, etc.

Sheesh, better word my subject lines more carefully next time, I guess. Although I'm sure even free jazz usually has some accepted guidelines or etiquette, no? I never see free jazz musicians hit one another with a forearm shiver in the middle of performing--yet this would be a common move for a pro wrestler. Hypothetically, the pro wrestler transitioning to playing free jazz may need a handbook to help him with some of the more subtle differences between the two types of performances.

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jazmaan wrote:
> If you need a handbook to play free jazz, you should probably try
> some other genre.

then Garry Hodgson wrote:
> perhaps not everyone is as advanced a musician as you.
> we all need to start somewhere.

and Roger A Gonzales wrote:
> You can't really be serious about this statement.  The best Jazz
> players in the world used books to study from.

Come on, guys!  Free jazz is a purely improvisational form generally
seen as disgarding the "rules" of conventional jazz, including set
chord changes, tempo, key signatures, and other structures (listen
to Ornette Coleman):

If it has a "handbook" it's almost NOT free jazz by definition!
It's a JOKE!


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