Re: [Harp-L] Audix Fireball V mic

Gary wrote about the Audix Fireball:
<...i technically don't know if it's weak or not.
<i only know that my other mics are noticeably louder.

> > have probably neglected to put a lo-z to hi-z tranformer on the mic cable
> > before plugging it into an amp.)

<for the record, i understand impedance issues, and this is not what is
<going on here.

I dunno. Maybe a damaged element? Audix's quality control is good, but maybe a bad one got through, or the thing got dropped on the concrete one too many times, or something.

There's no question that my Fireball is the loudest mic I own, and that's pretty much the story for the other folks I know who have one. You might want to send yours back to the factory for a look-see. Or even just take it to the nearest full service musical instrument store and A-B it with another one to see if yours sounds the same.

Regards, Richard Hunter
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