[Harp-L] responsiveness - Hohner Cross Harps, Meisterclass, MS harps

On 6/5/07, Jim Greenwald <staggerin@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
>  The combs allowed air leakage between the 'chambers'. These were MS harps 
from  several years ago.
  My batch of unresponsive Cross Harps are also MS from years  ago.  None of 
the reedplates have the MS type of code stampings, and only  one says, "MS" on 
the cover.  But they all are put together with 3 screws,  which are a 
different size than my SP20 (classic reedplate)  screws.   I may try the old 
micropore seal trick.  I've spent a  lot of time gapping and embossing, and they still 
are not very responsive.
   Another one of these MS harps is a wood bodied Blues  Harp MS, and once 
the covers are removed, the harp is held together  with only 2 screws!
  So why are Meisterclass harps supposedly such responsive  harps?  Or are 

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