Re: [Harp-L] Re: music and perception

mp3's are unlistenable. The compression artifacts just annoy me. What I fiind interesting is an entire generation getting their music through low quality headphones and highly compressed formats. fjm

Bob Lefsetz, who writes a newsletter about the music business feels the same way as you do about MP3s. However, he says it just proves that people care more about the tunes than about the hi-ness of the fi.

Long before this entire generation was getting its music through low-q cans and MP3s my generation was getting their music on Macy's stereos made from thick cardboard and utterly crummy everything else, on vinyl that had nice quality for three plays and then popped and cracked and skipped and all kindsa other joyous yecccch. I loathed vinyl artifacts, much more in fact than the distortions of MP3.

It was still better than the glorious 8-track sound of the 1970's, which made one long for those vinyl artifacts.

Cassettes were a fine improvement, but only over 8 track, and not really over scratchy, awful vinyl, at least in terms of distortion.

However, CD's were and are pure sex. I love them I love them I love them.

But most people listened to them in their cars at least a good part of the time. That's not such a hot environment to listen to music. They still sound pretty great in the car, but it is not an audiophile experience.

So while I do not find MP3s quite unlistenable if encoded well, and way prefer - here he goes again - m4a, and I love listening to them on my Grado cans, I am also not all that appalled that a whole generation of kids are listening to MP3s on cheezy Apple earbuds, because the music sounds way better than it did on my tinny portable AM radio back when the Chiffons were singing about how fine I am. And I LOVED that sound.

You like that 'hi-ness of the fi' thing? I just came up with that.


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