Re: [Harp-L] funk scales

Funk scales?!  Go get yourself some james Brown, Johnny Guitar Watson and some Tower of 
Power.  That will 
get you started.  Funk is a rhythm thing.  IMMERSE YOURSELF in it.  Get a feel for when 
rhythms and certain 
beats are accentuated.  Thats what your looking for.  Listen to some of the great solos from 
these artists.  From 
James Brown, listen top Maceo Parker's playing or Fred's trombone solo on "Doin it to Death."  
Tower of Power, 
man listen to "Squibb Cakes" and listen to Emilio Castillo's sax solo or Bruce Conte's guitar 
solo.  Johnny Guitar 
Watson, listen to Johnny's playing on "I need it" or "Aint that a Bitch"  This should keep you 
busy for awhile.  
Have some fun and have yourself a funky good time. 

Roger Gonzales

> Ok, I know "funk" isn't really a mode, I was just hoping someone 
> might be
> able to lend some insight into "funking up" scales practice, maybe 
> differentrhythms, etc.  I'm a bit bored with some of the scales 
> I've been practicing
> and am looking for ways to expand on things I'm already comfortable 
> with.
> N
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