Re: [Harp-L] weird 7th tuning

I have two Seydel Deluxe 12-hole chromatics that the factory built for me: 
One is based on C7 chord and the other on G7. The C7 has C7 chord repeated for 
all the blow, the draw is G7 and blow button in F7 and draw button diminished 
7.   The G has same arrangement of 7th chords- I IV, V dim. While these are 
factory built harps, they are not   "stock" off the shelf models. The G is marked 
"G chord" at the end and C is marked "C chord."

You'll have to check with Seydel on pricing and availability. 

Phil Lloyd

In a message dated 6/6/07 11:14:53 AM, rainbowjimmy@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx writes:

> Does anyone make a harp where the first three blow holes make a 
> flatted 7th chord so one could vamp say on an A chord on the inhale, G 
> chord on the exhale?
> Maybe a 13 holer so we could have the option of hitting those chords 
> should we so choose.
> Rainbow Jimmy
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