Re: [Harp-L] that darn E harp

Date: Tue, 5 Jun 2007 12:32:40 EDT
From: IcemanLE@xxxxxxx
Subject: Re: [Harp-L] that darn E harp

Why not use these odd keys for a week of practice each - even though you
don't use them a lot in real music situations, they are fun to explore from
sonic perspective. I've even used a high F# harmonica to practice low down
Chicago TB ideas, bending w/tongue down. Granted it sounds like breathing
and speaking, but you can work out a lot of your challenges and problems on
"odd" key harmonicas and apply what you learn to your real life  situations.

The Iceman

Yes, Larry, you are correct, 'odd keys' are a great excercise - as it turns
out, I am actually using the B harp, and doing an intro with the F# - (B3
effects) which will be part of a project we're currently doing. But, I am
not unfamiliar with those higher keys. Since you mentioned that helium-esque
quality in regard to the higher register harps, let me just say that I've
always been a real proponent of the higher registered harps. My favorite is
the F, and I never understood why folks called it "shrill" - I naively
thought it was because maybe some folks just don't sound that great playing
harps that high in pitch. I am now leaning toward the fact that the higher
pitches are in fact, not really what an audience expects in a harp sound...
unless you're John Popper.

Another place to go - to just add to the practice fun - is one octave lower
than you've normally played. When we're talking about playing in a "normal
range of pitch" in 2nd position, it's fun to go to 3rd position, but in a
lower key. (like regular A = = Lo D) - that is for me, a much more
productive and challenging thing to undertake. 5th position on a Low C (when
key sig=E) is fun too, and breaks the monotony of the ubiquitous A harp

So, thanks for the suggestion about the practice - but naturally, being the
contrarian I am, I wanted to offer a "3rd" suggestion to this thread. Still,
I am using 'odd keys' in my practice - so yeah, that works.

Thanks again for the cool tips Larry - I still remember .... I still

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