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>The reason that I've avoided 11th  position is that it requires an ob to get 
>an octave of the tonic, and an  ob to get the IV except up high. That seems 
>like a big deal to me. How  do you play 11th position without ob? What am I 
>missing  here?

I agree.
Without OB, you will be limited in your ability to freely create lines as  
you hear them in your head and the harmonica would be "playing you" rather  than 
you playing the harmonica. 
This position orientation is a lot of fun using the 4 and 6 OB as well  as 
the tonic at a solid 3 hole inhale 1st bend. Below 3 hole inhale 1st bend  
you've got every chromatic note downward to the major second - except for the  4th 
scale degree, unless you are Carlos and can nail the 1 hole OB.
The Iceman

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