[Harp-L] Bose PAS System info

The question was asked about a theatre using Bose on the main floor - would  
the sound be inadequate for the balcony?
A Bose rep said the towers don't equally disperse the high  end frequencies 
above 7 feet.
At close range, there is a loss of highest frequencies on down which  becomes 
less noticeable at a distance, so the box seats near the stage would  hear 
less accurate reproduction in highs as would those seated center  balcony.
One solution is to angle the towers upwards by sliding a thin wedge under  
the front of the base.
The new model L-2 has advantages over the L-1. The advantages are wider  
angles to the tweeters in the tower, dispersing the sound to a wider area  in 
front, a lighter and more portable base unit and a direct powered plug-in for  the 
additional mini mixer w/effects. 
The L-1 input set up different than the L-2 and is more  versatile in going 
for a group sound concept. It is also less expensive.
If I were to only buy and use 1 unit, I'd seriously consider an L-2.  
However, in going with 2 units, I decided on the L-1.
At the Charlie McCoy Concert sound check, everything went through the 2  
systems, including the steel pedal and guitar. Kick drum was mic'd and there  were 
4 vocal mics on stage. It sounded like a CD. The steel pedal player decided  
to use his amp for the show, as it had the effects he wanted for his sound. 
The  concert sounded great - clarity without volume. 
The Iceman

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