[Harp-L] Re: that darn E harp

I don't understand this gnashing of teeth over "odd keys".  If you get a 
chance to call out a song at a jam or even with your band, try using one of 
these keys.  When I played with New Blood back in August, I called out "When 
the Saints Go Marching In" and "Amazing Grace" in the key of B so I could 
use my self-customized E harp.  They were played as instrumentals, so vocal 
ranges were no issue.

If you sing as well as play harp, or if you have a versatile singer, 
experiment at home or during rehearsals with some of these keys.  I don't 
buy this idea that blues music always has to be in G or A or whatever.  It 
can be in whatever key you want to play it in, provided the singer can 
handle that, and a good singer should be able to cover a wide range of keys.

Jonathan Metts 

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