Re: [Harp-L] 5th Position... (Warren?)

I posted a link to earlier this year where you can listen to
an early example of 5th pos. playing:

I good, simple example of 5th position can be heard here:  on
track 12,Percy Randolph playing  'Jack of Diamonds' key of B minor on
G harp. You can  use a lot more of the harp than Randolph does here,
it's a great example of a lowdown blues played in 5th.

>>> dennis moriarty <dmoriarty@xxxxxxxxxx> 6/06/2007 2:30:21 >>>
Hey W. Do you have anything recorded or a website with 5th position  
sound examples? In fact I dare say that if you don't (have a site)  
you owe those infatuated with your playing to create one. Thanks.

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