[Harp-L] 5th Position...(Warren?)

Hey Dennis,

I have very little recorded material available at this point but I am
working on getting more soon. I have a website www.harptime.com but it is
still not much of anything but a placeholder 'til I get my "act" together.
That is something that I am now putting together to promote my new gig.
Currently I do have those two clips from SPAH jams last year posted. Neither
is in 5th. I have attached a clip of something I did the other night on my
cheapo computer mic into a basic recording program. A guy I know in Chicago
sent me the backing track and I did one take of "floundering improv" along
with it. Then I sent it back to him and he "produced" it with hi high tech
home studio stuff. That was a Bbm thing like the Thrill is Gone. I used both
an F# in 5th and a Lee Oskar Bbm natural minor. Not spectacular playing at
all but you can get my 5th position drift from that.

"Infatuated with my playing" wow...what a quote that is. I don't know if
anybody is really infatuated with my stuff :-) But again...it's nice to hear
those kinds of comments. Keeps me keeping on keeping on and trying to live
up to false expectations!

Warren Bee


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Hey W. Do you have anything recorded or a website with 5th position  
sound examples? In fact I dare say that if you don't (have a site)  
you owe those infatuated with your playing to create one. Thanks. dennis

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