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 Re: [Harp-L] that darn E harp 
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 special20@... writes:
 So I was TRICKED into buying the F#, and B, and I just hope that some day...
 I will find them useful.
 Tue Jun 5, 2007 11:32 am

 Why not use these odd keys for a week of practice each - even though you
 don't use them a lot in real music situations, they are fun to explore from a
 sonic perspective. I've even used a high F# harmonica to practice low down
 Chicago TB ideas, bending w/tongue down. Granted it sounds like breathing helium
 and speaking, but you can work out a lot of your challenges and problems on
 "odd" key harmonicas and apply what you learn to your real life situations.
 The Iceman


I find that I mainly use those keys when playing with guitar players that tune down a half step.  I Originally bought them to sit in with a band that was playing Stevie Ray style blues.  

I was fortunate that I had them when called for one of my first studio gigs, and the guitar player and band were tuned down... 


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