Re: [Harp-L] Horns Sounds Like Harp Sounds Like Horns

--- Rick Dempster <rick.dempster@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

>                                            Frankly I haven't heard
> much
> growling on the harp, othert than Birdhead. Maybe you can reccomend
> some
> other examples?


Wel, there are a few examples of singing through the harp while
playing. Two that come to mind:

George Bullet Williams did it both on Touch me Light, Mama and on
Frisco Leaving Birmingham.

Wade Schuman does it on that Youtube video of Hazmat Modine playing
live on Russian TV.

It's not really a growl sound, though. It's the sound of singing
through sounding reeds. This may work as an element in growling in much
larger (and louder) musical instruments like trumpet and trombone,
where the sound of the singing won't be heard as a separate element.


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