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Are they  still made with that  'gold' coated plastic comb? Well ... that was 
the  main problem with mine.

 Yes, Cross Harps still have the gold plated combs.   That doesn't bother me 
as long as the harps play  well.   These harps came from an ebay sale and 
include some Pro  Harps that were poor.  A while back it was revealed that 
originally Pro  Harps were of the handmade series but later became MS.  And Fernando 
said  that the quality of manufacture has improved since those days.  Thank  
  Today I inspected a few of the gaps and these harps  are in need of 
gapping.  The gapping is inconsistent.  Some gaps are  huge.  No wonder they are airy.
  I see no indication that these reedplates are MS.  I see no  code stampings 
on these plates.  Were Cross Harps originally  classic/handmade reedplates?

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