[Harp-L] Question on Astatic Mikes

I am looking at Astatic Mikes on ebay,
were are some good web resources
to learn about different qualities of these

I own a Green Bullet and a Blues Blaster
 a JT 30.

I want to buy a few vintage astatic mikes,

just missed getting this one which went for 


Very clean Astatic 10D base microphone and stand. 
Chrome is in excellent condition, microphone has been
tested and is in good working condition.   Great blues
harp microphone or as a communications base station
microphone.  The 10D has a sound quality very similar
to the 10DA.  Here is a Quote from the Harmonica
Masters website on the 10DA;   "For any one that is a
fan of the Shure CR mics and 545 this is a perfect non
crystal mic that fills the tonal void of the Shure
models.  The tonal  characteristics lend itself well
if you like to work your hand cupping techniques. The
mic is heavy on the midrange.  The sound is gritty and
adds much needed bottom to smaller practice amps. 
This microphone doesn't get boomy like a Bullet nor
have feedback tendencies like the 545. It sounds more
like a hot crystal then a dynamic element. Raw.
Gritty. Fat." 







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