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I use a rebuilt circa 1945-48 15 watt Flot-A-Tone Model 80 amp and
an Astatic 10da mic. The amp is miked into the pa with a Shure SM57 mic.

I thought about getting a backup Flot-A-Tone (the company became Koss, as in headphones, around the late 50's early 60's)
but found out they made the amps with whatever parts were in the shop at the time so no 2
will have the same schematics.

You can see a picture of it here. http://www.petesheridan.net/books.html
Pete Sheridan used it on the cover of one of his books. I sold it to Pete back in 2000 but bought it back this past year.

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"To tell the truth, I think anyone could sound good through Mike's killer
rig. "

so---- tell us gearheads about that killer rig.

Believe in Magic!

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