[Harp-L] Re: another great BLUES harmonica player worthy of wider recognition

Go to the YouTube link below to see The Rhythm Four do LW's  "Don't Have To 
Hurt No More" (which they mis-label as "hunt").  GREAT  stuff.  Love the boogie 
feel and how they take a 3 minute song and stretch  it to 6 1/2 minutes with 
some cool harp riffs.  But what is most impressive  to me is the guitar 
player.  At about the two minute mark the camera shifts  over so you can see him.  
This guy has done his homework because if you  close yours eyes you swear it is 
Louis and David Meyers circa mid-50s.  He  plays mostly the bass line with 
the occasional cord riff.  Just  perfect.  This should be mandatory viewing for 
all guitars players who want  to play ANY LW number.  Every time I try to play 
those delicate LW lines at  a jam (Juke, Off The Wall) I have a guitar player 
on either side of me and they  are just strumming (loudly!) their butts off.  
This group has another  1/2 dozen clips on YouTube including LW's Tell Me 
Mama and Quarter to Twelve and  they are all good.  
Dave Watson
Alexandria, Va

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