[Harp-L] meisterclass reed plate questions

I was just given a set of Hohner Meisterclass MS  reedplates in the key of C 
- both are missing a reed but i figure I'll save for  spare reeds.  I looked 
it up and see that nowadays  Meisterclass is Modular and that the reedplates 
are 1.05mm thick instead of  the more normal .09mm.  Does this mean that the 
reeds themselves are also  thicker?  I also see that the MS series has 3 
different slot lengths  instead of the 2 of the handmade series.  (Seems like an 
inventory stocking  and manufacturing nightmare.)
  All my other Hohners are the handmade series, e.g., MB's,  Golden Melodies, 
& SP20's.  I'm wondering if these modular Meisterclass  key of C plates have 
any practical use to me under the circumstances.
   Pat Missin's site shows MS reeds to be wider and longer  than their 
Handmade counterparts. Is modular Meisterclass in key of C  a long slot, medium slot 
or short slot?  Tia.  
ron - FL Keys

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