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On Jun 2, 2007, at 9:34 PM, EGS1217@xxxxxxx wrote:

"THANK YOU THANK YOU WINSLOW, you will FOREVER be my utmost and Ne
Plus Ultra, Sans Pariel super hero and I take back everything I have
ever said about you.

smokey-joe el Gratia Morte"

.....Now, wait a minute ;) Since all I've EVER heard you say (about Winslow) were the most flattering things ....most specifically about his being the "Wizard" of Harp-l and Slidemeister too for that matter (as he's just proven once again), if you "take it back"....then you're NOW insulting him? This is making it too weird and convoluted even for me...but I know you're kidding. "Gratia morte"....Grateful Dead indeed <G>..


Oy Elizabeth, I was kidding. It's like the other day when I told Chris I didn't even 'like' him, and then sent a message off-list that I was just kidding. Then he replied 'Well, I STILL don't like YOU', and then later sent an off-list message saying HE was kidding.

Remember the other day when I said "you can't BUY class". You can be the richest person in the world but that doesn't give you class, and even a poor person can have so much class to the point of being totally incongruous.

I don't actually know Winslow and we have only talked once. But I have watched him for 16 years. I could say some things, but he's listening and I don't want to have him blush. Danny is another prize. Yeah, that's it, 2 prizes.

Bottom line?..... relax kiddo, all is ok in the world of Commando smo- joe and the lost planet reed men.


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