[Harp-L] Re: Stevie Wonder's Harmonica

On Jun 2, 2007, at 7:44 PM, BassHarp wrote:

My sincere apologies

Danny, Danny, there's no reason to do this. There's no problem here. It was MY fault. See below.

to Joe for my inattention to details regarding the proper video clip and Stevie Wonder's harmonica.

Joe was right in stating that it was NOT a Hohner harmonica. I am still not convinced though, that Stevie was actually playing on camera.

I can see that too. I'll bet you really have something there.

He looks good at times, but of course there was the moment when he was vocalizing while his harmonica can be heard in the background.

Yeah, that bothered me too, and you being one of our premier historians would have caught that.

Is it possible he was provided a non-Hohner harmonica at the last minute for the video shoot, having prerecorded the soundtrack? Just wondering, as I've never known him to play anything but Hohner.

Sure, I agree. I have never known him to play anything BUT Hohners and like I said in an earlier post, I should have placed the question mark in a different place. So, in retrospect, it's all MY fault. I wasn't accurate enough in my writing. (Something I am notoriously known for...snicker).

Nevertheless - again my profound apologies to Joe and anyone else I may have offended.

No, no no no no no, bad word. There IS no 'A' word. There is no 'O' word. You're STILL the 'Prince of Bass'.

Danny (Naah, I'm taking that last phrase away.....Saint Happenin....smo-joe) :)


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