[Harp-L] Turk vs. Toots...winner, Turk!

of course toots is God, i can't argue that, but.........

song just popped up on the iPod connected to the boston acoustic tower speakers....i can hear it from the sun-drenched patio at the cocktail hour...says to myself, "self, the tone , phrasing, pureness of tone, sureness of tone, strength of tone, minute masterful artistic inflections, technical mastery of the chromatic harmonica as a dominating jazz instrument, although i am not sure the name of that song, it has got to be toots thielmans (or some other chrom-dude, i have 18,000 songs on my iTunes) ...get up, go inside, look at iPod.....Mike Turk, 'how long has this been going on", from turks works cd,.....i still say mike turk is a better jazz player than toots for my dollar, at least as far as that recording goes. one sweet cut. anybody have a video of the show at chris michalek's harmonica summit in minneapolis where toots and howard levy have a cutting contest diatonic vs. chromatic??? i would very very much like to purchase a dvd copy....please r.s.v.p. on or offlist.

have a great summery weekend y'all,


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