[Harp-L] Re: small amp question

well, i has the newly released Fender champion 600 and i'm here to tellya that it is a peach of an amp for harp...it looks very very cool, it is little, solid and heavy built like a tank, Fender quality. it sounds fabulous for harp with a bullet mic..at $ 199.00 it is a helluva deal too...i couldn't recommend it any more highly. interestingly, my guitar players plugged in to it and it doesn't sound too good for guitar to me, ass-kicking sound for a small harp amp though...no tube swaps or any other dorking around..all tube all Fender...very very cool. i think i should buy me another in case they stop making 'em. maybe put it in shrink wrap for 40 or 50 years. great for practice or rehearsal.


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