[Harp-L] a repair endorsment

An old time harpl'er, Bill Grogan,  asked me to post this.
He dropped off the list a few years ago due to personal reasons.
He is back gigging again and is feeling good, harmonica wise.:)

I sent him info about mic tech guru, Chuck Gurney, since he needed his Shure CR fixed.
He asked me to post this as a favor to Chuck for the fine work he did.

"I sound tested my Shure white label (1954-58) Controlled Reluctance
cartridge that I had received back from Chuck Gurney after he repaired
it.  I reintstalled it into its JT-30 shell with 1/4" Switchcraft jack
and compared it to a later Controlled Magnetic cartridge recently
purchased from Mike Easton and installed in a Green Bullet shell, also
with standard guitar/amp type 1/4" jack (in the 1st hole, a nice trick I
learned from fjm years ago).  Both mikes sound very similar with a
sllight edge going to the CR for crunch & growl, and both have about the
same volume level, at least to my ear.  So, I'm very pleased with the
repair work performed on this CR by Chuck and, like Sonny Jr. recently
posted on Harp-L, I can also highly recommend him to anyone with a dead
or poor sounding Shure cartridge.  Chuck's standard charge is only $50,
more if major components have to be replaced (mine didn't) and he
accepts payment via PayPal or USPS money order.  His addresses are:

Chuck Gurney
330 Hollis Road
Ellenboro, NC 28040


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