[Harp-L] Premier model 50

I had the increadible good fortune of finding this amp a couple of days ago at a vintage guitar shop in toronto i giged
with it yesterday and mic'd it through the board and i've never played a better rig than this it is increadible and
light weight what an unbeleivable tone i got from this amp just insane.  i recomend it highly i think i will be selling
off all my other amps and using this one exclusivly from now on.  I was lucky enough to have a premier twin eight that
had one blown speaker in it so i changed the pair for a couple of vintage jensen alnico's and had one good eight inch
original speaker left over that i wasn't using.  The only thing that was not original in the model 50 was the speaker so
i brought it home and put the right spaeker in it and man it's just sick.

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