[Harp-L] understanding and appreciation

I may have come off more strident than intended with my original post. I would certainly agree that understanding a musical form can lead to an appreciation of a genre which hadn't existed previously, this doesn't inherently lead to a liking of that genre. I took a course in college where I finally learned to understand opera. It allowed me to appreciate the genre and in part be able to discern the good and the bad in the genre. But, it didn't make me like opera any more than I had previously--indeed, I still don't enjoy opera (with a few exceptions).

What I objected to were the assumptions that a lack of understanding was behind a dislike of the music and that if people were not ignorant they would like it. I agree that with understanding you can learn to appreciate things you had merely instinctively disliked before, but that appreciation doesn't mean you are going to enjoy it anymore than before. It is this blaming of the audience for not embracing complex musics by calling them ignorant which I find elitist and arrogant.

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