Re: [Harp-L] music and perception

On 5/29/07, Ken Deifik <kenneth.d@xxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

>Chris M writes:
>Music has rules for listening and most of the time if
>you don't like the music then you don't understand it.

Jonathan Ross replies:


I've only quoted Ross' first word because a well reasoned subjective
analysis of subjectivity is hard to argue with.  It was a really good


Experience has taught me that music I don't like at first is very likely
music I'll like later on.  The list of music I didn't like at first, and
can't live without now:

All due respect Ken, but what you say does not conflict with Johnathan.
You are speaking of two different things, at least regarding the music.
Comprehension and familiarity.
Johnathan addresses comprehension and you address familiarity.
As to comprehension, I stand between Chris M and Johnathan. Sometimes
understanding a process Can help you appreciate it.
That said, it is the height of arrogance to assume that someone who does not
like something you like/play is ignorant.
Art for Artists(Music for Musicians) is foolishness.
As for familiarity, repeated listening then a pause can give you an
appreciation that you may not consciously realize is happening. Rather like
trying a new technique that fails to work. Then, after a short break, it
seems to magically gel. Sometimes you brain needs the rest.

Harp Content? I have found that both in understanding and repeated
listening, that I now appreciate a greater variety of harmonica technique.

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