[Harp-L] Chromatic Valve/Wind Savers

I have been reading other players issues/solutions regarding the sticking and cold chromatic valves/wind savers.? At our harmonica club here in St. Louis, one of the members brings a small hair dryer to each practice and plugs it in, in the back of the room.? I always warm up my chromatic with the hair dryer before I start playing (I aim it mainly on the outside covers).? If I stop playing, I put the chromatic under my arm to keep it warm while not playing (helps especially in air conditioned rooms).? Another thing that I do is take off the outside covers and slip a piece of paper between?each of?the top and bottom valve/wind savers.? After blowing warm breath into a cold harmonica, condensation forms and the valves/wind savers can?stick together.? Slipping a piece of paper between the valves/wind savers not only separates them if they are stuck together, but the paper also helps absorb moisture.? I usually try to lift/separate my valve/wind savers before I play each time .? I got the paper tip from a gentlemen sitting next to me at SPAH a couple years ago, as I used to use a safety pin to separate stuck valve/wind savers.? I am not sure how effective this works, however someone told me about rubbing the plastic bottom of the chromatic until some friction heat is created to help warm up a chromatic also.? I like the idea someone?on harp-l suggested regarding the hand warmers as it sounds very effective.? 
??????? I don't have the warming problem as much with my diatonics (as I play both chromatic and diatonic...trying to learn to play Blues), but they seem to play better after a warming up (but I don't have to use a hair dryer with diatonics, as they warm up much quicker).? 
???????? Elizabeth, I agree with you; I hope there is not too much overlapping with the Jazz and Blues at SPAH in Milwaukee, as I enjoy both also.? I am excited and looking forward to SPAH in Milwaukee; hearing all the wonderful music and seeing people I know at SPAH each year.?? Next year?those of us here in St. Louis?won't have to travel to SPAH, as it will be here in St. Louis, MO.? Start planning now for St. Louis next year.? 
????????? Keep harpin!

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