Re: [Harp-L] Has "Dueling Banjos" ever been performed on harmonica?

I sat in with a band in a pub when I was on vacation in Scotland a couple years ago and we performed Dueling Banjos...The band was a fiddler, an acordian player, and me, chromatic harmonica....the people enjoyed it, a lot...we did some fun stuff with the tune as well...I never expected it, in Scotland? So, play on....

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> Does anyone play this or has anyone heard it performed?
>    Some folks avoid performing certain songs that they feel are  overplayed.  
> Mustang Sally was one such song mentioned when this thread  came up on Harp-L 
> a few months ago.  Most venues around where i  live, (unfortunately for me), 
> have crowds who want to hear the same old  stuff, or who want to dance to the 
> same old stuff.  Mustang Sally gets them  on the dance floor, as Duelin' 
> Banjos often does.  The other point in that  thread was that playing these songs 
> generate tips.
>   I play Duelin' Banjos with 2 different guys -- one is with  a guitarist, 
> and the other is with a banjoist.  We have fun with it and the  crowd loves it.  
> On a diatonic, it requires a 5 hole overblow, or a  harp switch mid -song, 
> which the audience finds amusing.  Myself, i  usually use a standard diatonic 
> and a country tuned harp.
>   Friends of mine, the Doerfel Family Bluegrass Band, take DB to  an even 
> greater level by throwing in snippets of well known rock  songs.  The band is 
> tight; it sounds great and increases everyone's  interest, including that of the 
> musician's.  
> ron
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