Subject: Re: [Harp-L] talk here, not there (...and Donald Black)

Jonathan Ross writes (about Chris' Buddha's Garden website):
"Why not have the discussion here?  I don't want to join any  other  
>lists, fora or the like, so am not about to join  another list to have  
>a discussion which can take place here  just as easily.  Indeed, a  
>discussion which was started  here and has been going on decently for  
....If I may, isn't a List like this one, but a website  (a la 
the new Slidemeister ll  which seems to be based on just how  Chris set up his 
site ages ago....or whoever developed Slidemeister used a  similar 
format...because I find them quite alike).....
.....where one can go to different topics, rooms...carry on different  
discussions as one chooses.  The language is also much free-er,  in designated 
areas.  I don't visit all that often but have  thoroughly enjoyed participating in 
the discussions, listening to the many  downloads of music provided by 
participants there, read and even given my  own opinion a time or two.  It's 
comparing apples and oranges,  actually.  Might as well suggest that chromatic players 
shouldn't  participate in a site specifically geared to chromatics. (Trust 
me,  that went over like a lead balloon when I first wondered about it ;)   
Slidemeister was a fairly simple list until they added the new  Slidemeister ll, 
where there are even people posting their music  snippets to be critiqued.  
Chris is providing a similar  service.  It's all in what floats your boat  :) 

You  also write:  
"As for harmonica players who inspire me, lately it's Donald  Black.  I  
>got two CDs of his recently and he is just a  fantastic player by any  
>measure.  He seems very much  like Chet Atkins in that while he has  
>all the technique in  the world (and uses whatever is needed at the  
>moment), he  doesn't seem to care about the technique when he plays-- 
>he may be  doing something incredibly hard, but he does it not because   
>it's hard but because it's right musically.  That's not  always the  
>case with the most technically proficient  musicians.  There's a great  
>video on YouTube of Atkins  playing on "Hee Haw" or the like where the  
>crowd goes wild  after he does a fairly simple but showy sounding  
>lick--he  just smiles a half smile while going on to the next part of   
>the song which is much harder to play.  Of course, he plays  that part  
>perfectly.  I can imagine Donald Black doing  much the same when he  
>plays (of course, you couldn't see the  smile because of the  
>harmonica)--a similar mindset where  love of the song is what matters  
....Absolutely agree.  I wish then you'd been at SPAH in 2005,  where Donald 
performed brilliantly.  It was a thrill for me to have  someone from my old 
Country playing my former axe of choice (double sided  Echo tremolos) and making 
them sing with the sweetest Scottish music of my  childhood.  Did my heart 
good.  He was extremely gracious in a  later conversation when I introduced 
myself as an Ex-Pat. and someone who  was very happy to make his acquaintance.  
He's a down-to-earth  Scotsman who wouldn't have been there to thrill the SPAH 
audience had it  not been for Winslow......who participated in the on-stage 
Seminar along  with James Conway, and other players I've simply blanked at the  
moment.....Winslow could tell more about the was  lovely.  
Donald did with ease things most of us could only imagine,  just as you surmise, 
eliciting gasps and much applause from the  audience.  A most enjoyable 
experience for me especially, as a  Scot.
This is one of the things I've come to appreciate about  SPAH...the amazing 
variety of talented harmonicists who abound.

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