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An  organization needs to have a plan in-place to continue positive growth. 
Doug  stepped in as President, saddled with an in place law suit that had the  
potenial to end SPAH  

Are you kidding? There was a plan in place for continued  positive growth. 
This was the main reason I stayed on as Secretary  - to keep the ball rolling. 
Doug ignored the plan in favor  of recreating the convention in his own image. 
That is his legacy. 
Don't inflate the law suit to bigger importance than it was at the time as  
an excuse. The greatest damage had been done in 1998 - 2000 as far as $ and  
emotions go, but we still carried on. Doug wasn't saddled with the law suit - it 
 was already winding down when he became Pres. 
Ah well, life goes on. I wish you continued wonderful success with your  
The Iceman

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