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the bottom line is, in terms of the discussion on inspiration... if you want to sound like a harmonica player then listen to them, all you will ever acheive is sounding MORE like a harmoninca player.

In this thread on inspiration my name was mentioned by several different source where I have been labled as a modern and cutting edge harmonica player *thank you* so why I'm a "cutting edge"? Why do I sound different? It's because I don't listen to harmonica players unless I'm at SPAH or something similar. For me to fully explain how to be a "cutting edge" harmonica player I have to speak outside the scope of this list.

Contrary to what certain people may think, I am not trying to drive people to my board to increase membership, as I have plenty and do not need more, of course all are welcome... I am however trying to help everybody be a better musician as an aside to being a harmonica player.

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>Chris M. writes:
>"I started a thread on the buddhas garden forum that shows a  
>collection of things that have greatly influenced me and my harmonica  
>Why not have the discussion here?  I don't want to join any other  
>lists, fora or the like, so am not about to join another list to have  
>a discussion which can take place here just as easily.  Indeed, a  
>discussion which was started here and has been going on decently for  
>As for harmonica players who inspire me, lately it's Donald Black.  I  
>got two CDs of his recently and he is just a fantastic player by any  
>measure.  He seems very much like Chet Atkins in that while he has  
>all the technique in the world (and uses whatever is needed at the  
>moment), he doesn't seem to care about the technique when he plays-- 
>he may be doing something incredibly hard, but he does it not because  
>it's hard but because it's right musically.  That's not always the  
>case with the most technically proficient musicians.  There's a great  
>video on YouTube of Atkins playing on "Hee Haw" or the like where the  
>crowd goes wild after he does a fairly simple but showy sounding  
>lick--he just smiles a half smile while going on to the next part of  
>the song which is much harder to play.  Of course, he plays that part  
>perfectly.  I can imagine Donald Black doing much the same when he  
>plays (of course, you couldn't see the smile because of the  
>harmonica)--a similar mindset where love of the song is what matters  
>As for music in general, I've been expanding my knowledge of  
>Stravinsky lately with "The Soldier's Tale" and his three  
>symphonies.  It's easy to forget how innovative Stravinsky was at the  
>time, but these help fill out the picture.
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