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Excerpt :

Richard Hunter sez :

" His tone was great, of course, and I was most impressed by his exceptionally strong rhythm--did I mention that the grooves this band laid down were great?--and the way he mixed his textures up with single notes, octaves, and partial chords, spread all over the range of he instrument. As many Chicago-style players do, he used vocal sounds--something between a breath and a grunt--through the mic to provide a rhythmic and textural counterpoint to the harp, a subtle effect that added weight and drive to the band's overall sound. 


 Every member of the band got a showcase. Honey Piazza played a
boogie-woogie piano duet with the drummer that showed both players off brilliantly. 

Regards, Richard Hunter " 


Hurricane sez :

Rod has been a " permanent Blues fixture " here in southern California along time . I used to catch his act at :

 " Carlos Obrians "

In Riverside California ( biggest collage town inland and south of the greater Los Angeles area ) every time I was in Riverside ( an hours drive from Palm Springs ) . 

Yep everything Richard Hunter sez is very very true  . 

One other thing to mention is how much of an international ambassador he has become for The Blues and Americans when he travels outside the USA . And he has represented us Americans with distinction and class I might add as well . 

This man { Rod Piazza } has done a lot for the music scene over all with his demeanor on and off the stage . I listen very seriously to him each and every time I catch his act . Anyone who listens to this giant learns if they have on their learning cap as they watch  what has become a true master at the harp go for it with his super band 

" The Mighty Flyer's " .

When you see a front man like him working hard and then stepping back and letting the rest of the band feel 

" The Glory " too , 

it is a sign of a man ( women too , check out Miss Honey work out -- she's his wife - what a lucky son of a --- he is to have such a power house piano player like her in the band and he goes home with that fox every night ! ) who's absolutely sure of himself and shows now signs of insecurity when he does let her and the rest of the band rip the heads off the crowds they perform in front of the world these days ! 

Sierra Sound Stage out of Chino College ( PBS local station carries it here , it's like a California version of " Austin City  Limits ) in California has had him on their program , it not only showed him and the band working out , but also interviewed him and his beautiful wife Honey , what a team they are by themselves .

One of the things mentionmed was the 

" money aspect " 

and how it is the dominant factor in running an act like his , and how they struggle too ( Oh is this the " DEATH OF LIVE MUSIC " -- NOT ! ) trying to make a living this way . He didn't stress the struggle , he did stress the love of his craft and how it is his love of music that drives him and Honey onward and upward in  their life's work .

What do I love about Rob & company ? 

Well as I have listened to him for over 20 years I learned we have the same love in music and that is what drives our very lives and he is also a surfer too like me :). 

I go to bed with a music reference  book , or a manual on something to do with my music gear , or a music song book , or a head set and CD player each and every night , sometimes I'm dog tired after a gig and just crash out , but the last thing on my mind is something related to my chosen profession ( I was  the same as I worked as a Chef sharing my nights with either a cook book an or a music related article or song and I did find time for the wife to :)

Wanna play like Rod huh ( I can hear those who are wondering about it as they read this ) well , do this :

First thing on your mind when you rise is your harp playing .

When at work ( provided your not handling dynamite or working on a scaffold making skyscrapers :) your sing to yourself and or whistle what ever it is that has your mind going music wise . Through out the day you do this , at home you practice before dinner and after as you sit and watch TV . I do this with my guitar these days . I can play the melody and chords to the SciFi StarGate :). If the radio's on do the same , try to be able to play what ever you hear . I love motion picture sound tracks as well as the Blues / Jazz / Rock / Country Western .... etceteras .  

Last thing on your mind as you pass out in bed .

Go to all the jams possible , especially and including ones outside The Blues . Check out every harp act in your area and see which way the " water flows " :) Get back stage before and after gigs with these pro's and get to know their philosophies on their music and LIFE , they both go hand and hand .

Sincerely :

Hurricane Ramon         

Aka :


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