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Larry, thank you for your comments.  It was a difficult chapter in transitioning from the  Gordon Mitchell and Bob Williams management style to what Doug Tate was interested in doing for the organization.  In combination, Gordon and Bob were in office for over 30 years with no succession plan in-place.  An organization needs to have a plan in-place to continue positive growth. Doug stepped in as President, saddled with an in place law suit that had the potenial to end SPAH  and introduced changes that you did not agree with. This I agree with.

I don't agree with you that the convention as cascaded downhill since. It's only gotten better by involving local clubs in the design and planning of events which strengthens the local clubs.  The gap between diatonics, chormatics, and trios continues to grow closer every year.  Were getting more people volunteering each year with their time and ideas that continue to close the gap and make it fun to work abit during their precious time during the convention.  I love SPAH, the education it has given me and the friends that I have gotten to know. Thanks.  That's my dime on the matter.

I'm saddened by your retreat from attending the conventions,  you've missed some really good ones.

Paul Davies     

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