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Chris M. writes:

"I started a thread on the buddhas garden forum that shows a collection of things that have greatly influenced me and my harmonica playing."

Why not have the discussion here? I don't want to join any other lists, fora or the like, so am not about to join another list to have a discussion which can take place here just as easily. Indeed, a discussion which was started here and has been going on decently for days.

As for harmonica players who inspire me, lately it's Donald Black. I got two CDs of his recently and he is just a fantastic player by any measure. He seems very much like Chet Atkins in that while he has all the technique in the world (and uses whatever is needed at the moment), he doesn't seem to care about the technique when he plays-- he may be doing something incredibly hard, but he does it not because it's hard but because it's right musically. That's not always the case with the most technically proficient musicians. There's a great video on YouTube of Atkins playing on "Hee Haw" or the like where the crowd goes wild after he does a fairly simple but showy sounding lick--he just smiles a half smile while going on to the next part of the song which is much harder to play. Of course, he plays that part perfectly. I can imagine Donald Black doing much the same when he plays (of course, you couldn't see the smile because of the harmonica)--a similar mindset where love of the song is what matters most.

As for music in general, I've been expanding my knowledge of Stravinsky lately with "The Soldier's Tale" and his three symphonies. It's easy to forget how innovative Stravinsky was at the time, but these help fill out the picture.

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