[Harp-L] Inspiration:... Way Beyond The Original Question

Another (legal) means of inspiration for me has been to try some
tuning I've never used before with a harp.  
Right now, it's harmonic minors.  I got two of them last month and as
they slowly begin to grow on me, I find myself walking around the
house, dreaming up harp lines for songs/ideas of my own or recorded by
others I'd've never thought of before. 

As one whose primary instrument is guitar, I've had to deal with my
ubiquitous tendency to reduce all notions of lines/solos to guitar
licks, but these minor harps have helped me think/feel out more
possibilities of the harp as a rhythm instrument or as the keyboard
players might say... a "lush pad" type accompanying instrument. 
I guess you can safely say I've gone too far with this a=b=c business
if I ever tell you I've got a harp idea that sounds like a pair of
bongos, right?
Brad Trainham

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