[Harp-L] Re: CR or CM repair

I have been using a very skilled controlled reluctance or magnetic  
individual, Chuck Gurney. If you look at the detailed greenbullets.com website  you 
will see how detailed this process can be. I have sent him dead or weak  elements 
with great satisfaction. The leads come back nicely looped, his whole  
process is his thing, I don't need to explain. I know I have been extremely  
disappointed when buying off ebay and paying that ridiculous money only to get a  
dead element or very weak. The black backs are the most notorious. Here is  
Chuck's email:::   _cgurney@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx (mailto:cgurney@xxxxxxxxxxxxx)       I 
believe before I made mention to Craig's Music as doing these repairs but  
Craig's just does amp and guitar work. Chuck is the only one I know who does  
quality work on these. 

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