re: [Harp-L] new jason ricci show on the archive

> Jason was here in Ontario finaly! he played at the liquid lounge in Branford on April 7th (bumped me to the 14th)
Thanks Jason lots of fun and really easy to follow you -LOL.  He is relitively (exept to harp freaks like me) unknown
out here but that's certainly not the case anymore.  I couldn't make the show cause i was playing in buffalo (I go to
the states he comes here go figure) But he sure is the talk of the town now.  I didn't even know he was playing there
till i walked in and stated setting up my gear then i had about five poeple in a row come up and say "you a harp
player?" man you shoulda sceen the kid was here last week Jason Ricci! and the week before that we had this carlos del
junco guy i tought about faking a heart attack but i stayed and played anyway.

> wednesday night's jason ricci and new blood show is
> up on the live music archive, at:
> despite having driven from miami to new york in the 24 hours or so
> before the show, the band was smokin' that night, playing 3 sets
> from 10:30 'til 2:30 or so.
> for those of you that haven't heard them in a while, there are several
> new songs on this one, including "the eternal is", "mister satan", a
> brand new, as-yet-unnamed instrumental, "the rocker", "deliver us",
> and "loving eyes".   that last one is a beautiful song, one of my favorites,
> with distant echos of the Dead's "new potato caboose".  very cool.
> i'll be putting up a 24 bit 96KHz recording up once i get it, for the
> hardcore audiophiles.
> enjoy.
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