Re: [Harp-L] new jason ricci show on the archive

what sort of pedals is he using in "the rocker"? sounds like an
interplanetary violin ;-)

most impressive. as always ;-)


On 4/27/07, Garry Hodgson <garry@xxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
wednesday night's jason ricci and new blood show is
up on the live music archive, at:

despite having driven from miami to new york in the 24 hours or so
before the show, the band was smokin' that night, playing 3 sets
from 10:30 'til 2:30 or so.

for those of you that haven't heard them in a while, there are several
new songs on this one, including "the eternal is", "mister satan", a
brand new, as-yet-unnamed instrumental, "the rocker", "deliver us",
and "loving eyes".   that last one is a beautiful song, one of my favorites,
with distant echos of the Dead's "new potato caboose".  very cool.

i'll be putting up a 24 bit 96KHz recording up once i get it, for the
hardcore audiophiles.


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