Re: [Harp-L] SPlit bends (was Re:looking for new inspiration)

The eaiest split bend to control is where you're playing Draw 2 and
Draw 5 together, blocking 3 and 4 with the tongue.

Now, bend Draw 2 down so that it's a true octave below Draw 5.

This is the easiest because Draw 5 bends very little, less than a
semitone, and stays put fairly easily.

Next easiest: do the same thing with Draw 3 and 6. This is harder
because while Draw 5 bends very little, Draw 6 does bend a semintone,
and bends more readily. You want to bend one not and not the other in
this scenario.

Next: Blow 7 and 10. Here it't the high note that you want to bend.
Blow 7 bends very little while Blow 10 bends 2 semitones, so you've got
a good complement. But use a low-key harp to make it easier on

Mext: Blow 6 and 9

Next: Blow 5 and 8.

Maybe these lower-pitched blow bends are a bit easier, as the lower a
high blow bend is, the easier it is to access and control.

One split bend that is hard to do but potentiall very useful is Draw 1
and 3 - hold 1 at pitch and bend 3 down 2 semitones. Filisko can do it,
Howard probably can. I've never mastered it.

Then there are the non-split bends in adjacent holes.

Everone who plays Draw 3 and 4 togeheter and bends 3 down a little to
sound bluesy while trying not to bend 4 much at all is familliar with

But what if you hold Draw 4 steady while pulling Draw 3 down 2, or even
3 semitones?

Then there is the range of dual bends in 2 and 3 togehter.

Let's say you're in 2nd position. Draw 2 and 3 unbent are part of the I

If you bend 2 down a smitone and 3 down 2 semitones, the notes are now
part of the V chord.

If you bend them both down 2 semitones, they're part of the bVII chord.
For instance, if you're playing in G on a C harp, bending 2 and 3 down
2 semitones turns G and B into F and A, which are part of an F chord.

This not an exhaustive list, just a quick tour of a few possibilities.


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> What do you mean by split  bends? I'm sure if Howard Levy is doing it
> it 
> got's to be cool though.
>   Maybe this is something else I can add to the unexpected things I 
> have 
> learned by being on this list.
>         Randy
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> actually  uses more unusual positions, overblows & overdraws, 
> octaves, split 
>  bends, 
> etc, etc...... & covers more musical ground than   anyone.
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