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Mark Kegel writes:

"Just wanted to know  what everyone is using to clean out the  combs.
Some one said to use  Windex,  someone else said to  use
rubbing alcohol and a cotton  swab.  How about it?
Harpo Mark"

Hi Mark:

Depends on  what your comb is made of.  If anything but wood, any  of the  su
ggestions you've been given EXCEPT Windex would be okay...(don't   use 
as a final "rinse" you wouldn't use in you mouth)...but  Jason  Ricci did a 
post about his whole "Sexy Rocker OCD  cleaning ritual"  you should be able 
find in the archives....I  posted  my slightly  less involved version after 
his.   There should be lots of information  there ...just look under that 
and all sorts of information will come  up.  It depends if  you're cleaning 
chromatics or diatonics of course  (windsavers can  peel off if you're 

I have an Ultrasonic cleaner  I've used on a couple of diatonics with  
bodies...but then I  tend to take them apart anyway to dry off the  underside 
of the  covers, then use my MAAS polish to prevent  rusting....

then 91%  Rubbing alcohol to remove any trace of the polish wherever  my 
might come into contact.  Cotton swabs aren't exactly a 
toothbrush dedicated for that purpose (Reach-type  ones  are best) dipped 
into the 
alcohol scrubbed up into the  mouthpiece with the  harp held mouthpiece 
down....can loosen most of  the junk....then a soft  wood (orange stick) 
wrapped in  bits of a soft cotton cloth (old  torn up t shirts are great for  
this)....toothpicks, small brushes  (bendable wire ones....I just  soaked 
scrubbed out instead  of discarding old mascara brushes  and am now using 
them to 
clean  the nooks and crannies of the  mouthpieces...the tips are bendable).

Some people swear by denture  tablets ....but I can't imagine soaking  any 
metal covered harp in  water.  That's what begins the rust,  imho.  So I do 
mostly with the alcohol....I may use a dampened  cloth just to wipe  away 
residue...but only occasionally and very  sparingly.

I  had lots of discussions (and demonstrations) with people at Buckeye   
the polish I use (since I originally found it in Ohio) here's  a  link 
their website.  Phil Lloyd found it much less  expensively on  Yahoo, but 
mention here it being used on musical  instruments  including harmonicas 
time I saw that specific  reference)....Just  incidentally, it's been found 
be excellent for  motorcycles too :)  
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