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This is my ritual, which is not optimal but is fast and pretty thorough. I get a small container and put a little dishwasher soap in it. Dishwasher soap has bleach in it, which kills bacteria, but is something you want to rinse off thoroughly. I make the water hotter than I can touch and put my harps in for about 30 seconds. Then I use a toothbrush on them and rinse them thoroughly with hot hot water, and shake them off. (rubber gloves help.) By using the hot hot water, they dry in a matter of seconds. I've never had a problem with rusting or anything else, and they sound better then new harmonicas when finished. I wouldn't do this with a wood comb, though.


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EVERCLEAR works great. You can get it at your local liquor store.

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I occasionally use denture cleaner. I learned this here on HARP-L.
Put all my harps in a shallow pan of warm water, drop in a bunch of
blue fizzy tablets and let it bubble. I was impressed with the amount
of, shall I say, "gunk" that got dislodged. You don't even have to
disassemble the harps. Just tsake 'em out, rinse them, shake/blow
dry. The combination of this and an ultrasonic cleaner would be
tremendous, I think.

I picked up an ultrasonic cleaner on eBay (brand new for short
money) and I
use water (per instructions) and a little bit of mouthwash (for
that minty
fresh taste) and I'm very happy with the results. I can't believe
some of the
gunk that ends up in the cleaning pan.

It's good for cleaning eye glasses, jewelry, false teeth, etc., too!!

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Just wanted to know what everyone is using to clean out the combs.

Some one said to use Windex, someone else said to use

rubbing alcohol and a cotton swab. How about it?

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