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I heard Howard practicing in Liége/Belgium ..he told me he liked doing "unusual" bends....
he showed me some, like 1-3 draw , first bending only 1, than 3 draw all 3 steps combined with 1 unbent or bent a semi-tone.. the same for 2-4, 2-5, 3-6 etc etc
He made some weird combinations. He did this also during hos solo gig and a lot of people were wondering what he was doing.

During a workshop in Klingenthal/germany he played a piece with combinations of extreme wide splits, bends, intervals, sometimes playing the melody from the right corner of his mouth, switches to left ,bending 2 holes like 2/3 or 3/4 simultanously.....
It's incredible how much control he has over the harp.....but he also told that he practices these splits/bend a lot!!

Ben Bouman
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What do you mean by split bends? I'm sure if Howard Levy is doing it it got's to be cool though. Maybe this is something else I can add to the unexpected things I have learned by being on this list. Randy

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actually uses more unusual positions, overblows & overdraws, octaves, split
etc, etc...... & covers more musical ground than anyone.

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