Good idea my brutha. I'm  gonna be lookin' for one of these on Ebay today as 
I peruse around for a good  used condenser mic. I'll use it for my dentures, 
harps, and my Brillhart metal  tenor mouthpiece. I bet cleaning them good like 
this will add life to 'em if  done right.
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BostonMoeJo@xxxxxxx writes:

I picked  up an ultrasonic cleaner on eBay (brand new for short money) and I  
use water (per instructions) and a little bit of mouthwash (for that minty  
fresh  taste) and I'm very happy with the results. I can't believe  some of 
gunk  that ends up in the cleaning pan.

It's good  for cleaning eye glasses, jewelry, false teeth, etc.,  too!!

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