[Harp-L] Re: San Francisco update

There are more blues harp players worth note.

You forgot a couple of others:

The phenomenally gifted John Nemeth (with a voice like
his, it's easy to forget he's a harp player.)  He's
currently on the road with Junior Watson.

Danny Denaro gets out quite frequently.  He's a guys
skilled in the West Coast Blues tradition.

Jimmy Dewrance is all over the South Bay.  He's been
around forever and leads a really good band including
some of the finest players around San Jose.

The youthful Aki Kumar covers a lot of ground is in
several bands.  The guy's got nice tone and good

John Peterson is playing with ex-Hummel sideman,
Charles Wheal.  He can also be seen frequently with
Steve Freund.

Rontu Karr is still around.  I haven't seen him in a
while, but he's a bad ass player.

Barrelhouse Solly is a fantastic big voiced singer. 
He's also mean harp player.

Steve Kaufmann is a multi-instrumental talent.  He's a
solid harp player with nice acoustic tone.

Jack "Applejack" Walroth.  This guy is one of the most
under-recognized guys around the San Francisco area. 
Applejack was around Chicago in the 60's when
Butterfield and Bloomfield were around.  He was one of
the first white guys to be playing the Blues in
Chicago and down on Maxwell Street.  He was working at
Theresa's at 43rd & Indiana in the 1960's.  Today, he
fronts a band called Blues Power.

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