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Judging from the discussion, you guys are talking Blues Harp, and Blues gigs, which there is an abundance of, I would say. All of the guys on the list below would fit in that category, pretty much.

San Francisco has always been a good town for Blues, and lots of successful, well know musicians ended up living here in the Bay Area, most of them an hour or two away from The City itself as is the case with Musselwhite and Norton.

If you want to hear other kinds of music re: harmonica, there's that, too, although it's rare. But it's out there.

The Blues gigs are in abundance for obvious reasons. There's very few good dedicated Blues clubs around... Biscuits & Blues is probably the best venue to see names at, Lou's Pier 47 is awright, but doesn't have too many headliners, mostly local cats, some very good. Then there's a few dives (Sometimes the best environment!) here and there that cater to the Genre. I suppose if you wanted to get down to semantics, you could even specify which kind of Blues you like. Personally, I can't take shuffles all night long, but that has more to do with the band than the venue, I guess.

So have fun out there!


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On Apr 26, 2007, at 4:31 PM, harp-l-request@xxxxxxxxxx wrote:

Richard - it was good to meet you and even better to hear your fine
harp playin! Only wish I could have heard more. Glad you liked my

Is SF always this harpilated? I would venture to say we have one of
the finest concentrations of great harmonica players anywhere. I am
sure I will forget as many as I mention as I write this list, but the

following are all great players/recording artists and live in the

Norton Buffalo
Mark Ford
Charlie Musselwhite
Andy Just
Gary Smith
Dave Barrett
James "Loose" Reed
Spencer Jarrett
Kenny Neal
Phil Berkowitz
Screamin' Iain
Gino Bambino
RJ Mischo (who just moved to the midwest - damn!)

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