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Hey list,
Dov Hammer writes:
 " I want to hear what the "cutting edge" of diatonic harmonica players are  
doing. Can anyone suggest some good albums (or downloads) where I can hear 
good  "modern" diatonic playing (E.G
- use of overblows, different positions etc.).  " 
 IMO,  any one Howard Levy recording will give you more cutting edge diatonic 
playing  than anyone else's entire career work. It's not necessarily better 
or  worse than other players, (actually, IMO.... it is better) but  Levy 
actually uses more unusual positions, overblows & overdraws,  octaves, split bends, 
etc, etc...... & covers more musical ground than  anyone.
I think the album he did with Paul Sprawl is one of his most easily  
Carlos Del Junco& Jason Ricci are great blues oriented players who use  OBs. 
Michael Peloquin is a monster who uses OBs.
Michalek plays a lot of styles well, & uses OBs, unusual positions,  & 
effects masterfully.
I'm not too familiar with Jason Rosenblatt - what I've heard sounds  good.
I really dig Steven De Bruyn & his band The Rhythm Junks; I think he  uses 
alternate tunings, but I'm not sure about OBs or non standard positions.  BTW, 
anyone know whether I can get the new album in the US? They have a  couple 
songs on i-Tunes.
All these guys have recordings out.
There are  others I'm forgetting & some un-recorded players who are pushing 
the  envelope, but the dudes I've mentioned are a good place to start.


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