[Harp-L] Bridging the Gap

I want to applaud Jimi Lee as well, in putting up a show with invited guests that played to the audience that was in front of him.  That's true shownmanship which Jimi is all over.  With a huge kudos to Jack and the Ohio team for continuing the Buckeye tradition!!!!!!

I really don't think the bridge is as wide as some think. SPAH continues to put put up acts in all types of harmonica playing to attract the muliple facets of the axe that we have chosen to play. It's a difficult task to design a convention that meets the needs of all the varied  players with completely different agendas  We try really hard to fill the convention hotel with a group of mutually respectful people that are open to all harp players regardless of  style. Folks that continue to come to the conventions are these type of folks that want to learn and be humbled by the world's best.  That's what a convention is designed to do.  

I don't remember that the Golden Age of SPAH (1996-00) that Larry mentioned was any different than todays conventions.  I think every year we continue to grow into a more mutual harmonica society and will gather as a tribe once again in Milwaukee.

Hope to see everyone there.

Paul Davies 

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